Setting up the Guitar

Taking just a few simple steps can make a huge difference in how well you are able to control synthesized sounds with your Godin guitar. The conversion of guitar sound into MIDI control messages is tricky business, and the following steps should help make it work better:

1. Use new strings. The newer your strings the better the MIDI conversion process. As strings age, they vibrate irregularly, and lose the quality of their ring and sustain capabilities. Dead strings are harder to keep in tune and often confuse the guitar-to-MIDI conversion process.

2. Carefully tune your guitar. Most guitar-to-MIDI converters have built-in tuning mechanisms. The GI-20 has a good tuner built in, so use it to get the best intonation possible. Even slight tuning variations can cause the converter to mis-calculate a note command.

3. Press the Tuner button on the GI-20, as shown in Figure 1, to enter the tuning mode.

Figure 1. The GI-20 Tuner Switch

4. Play an open string. The tuner will indicate the note played and a series of LEDs will light to indicate whether the note is sharp (right LEDs light red) or flat (left LEDs light red). When the note is perfectly in tune, the center green LED will light.

5. Repeat this process for all strings.

6. Fine tune to ensure good intonation between all strings.

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