Recording and Processing the Guitar Audio

Now let's use GarageBand to process and record the guitar sound itself.

1. If GarageBand isn't open, launch it by double-clicking on its icon.

2. Lets create a new track to process and record our guitar sound. Choose "New Track..." from the Track menu.

3. Click on the Real Instrument tab, then choose Guitars from the categories list, then scroll down to locate the "Eighties Pop" setting, play a few notes to hear this one. Try out a few more. Find one you like and then click the Create button to make the new track.

Figure 1. The New Track window showing the Real Instrument categories for guitar.

4. Now click the record button to begin recording your guitar audio. When finished, click the stop button, rewind, then play back your new guitar part. You can even record this track against the software instrument tracks.

Processing and recording your guitar is easy with GarageBand, and lets you create a wide variety of guitar tones with just your computer and sound system!

For more information on GarageBand, visit Apple's web site. To learn more about using these kinds of tools to produce your music visit