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Freeway 4 & 5 Basses
Comfort, balance and classic bass sounds are what the Freeway basses are all about. Each rock maple neck is hand-finished and shaped with the Godin Ergocut technique. The convertible bridge provides the option of stringing through the body-adds snap to the sound—or through the back of the bridge—for a mellower tone. Two Godin single coil pickups are screwed right into the body amplifying the natural resonance of the bass producing smooth and dynamic tones.

Active 4 & 5 version
The active version of the Freeway basses replaces the maple/poplar body in the passive models with solid mahogany. Godin active electronics can handle everything from a mellow to a clear bright sound that will propel the Freeway through whatever sonic-soup gets in its way.

Rock Maple neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
16" fingerboard radius
34" Scale
1 1/2" nut width (on 4-string)
1 13/16" nut width (on 5-string)

Silver Leaf Maple - Regular model
Mahogany - Active model
Pickups :
Godin Passive PJ - Regular model
Godin Active Soap Bar - Active model

Regular Model : Midnight Blue, Black Pearl & Natural Semi-Gloss
Active model : Natural Semi-Gloss

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