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Freeway Classic
The Freeway Classic is the first double cutaway design by Godin in several years. In spite of the tremendous success of the single cutaway design featured throughout the Godin line, there has always been a contingent of hard-core, double-cutaway enthusiasts encouraging us to do something for them. With that in mind we went to work on the Freeway Classic. The basic formula is classic Godin, versatile, blues/rock gigging machine with ‘boutique guitar’ build-quality at a blue-collar price.

Godin’s rock maple necks are known throughout the guitar industry for outstanding feel and boundless sustain. The 25 ½” scale neck on the Freeway features Godin’s ergo-cut shape and medium jumbo frets. Neck stability is insured by a double-action truss system capable of adding and removing relief in the neck. The body consists of a center block of silver-leaf maple with light poplar wings. Silver-leaf maple is an excellent tone wood with a weight and density similar to mahogany. The warm tone of the silver-leaf provides a perfect compliment to the rock maple neck. To ensure that we get the most from this potent combination, each neck and body are joined with a perfect wood-to-wood connectionfree of paint or gluethat delivers maximum neck/body energy transfer. The sound of the silver-leaf maple comes at a priceit’s heavy! To balance the guitar and achieve a comfortable weight the silver leaf core is flanked with light poplar wings. This ultimately produces a comfortably light guitar with ‘heavy guitar’ resonance.

The Godin humbucker-single-humbucker pickup configuration makes the most of excellent acoustic response of the Freeway. A double 5-way switch along with volume and tone controls supports the pickups.

Body - Silver Leaf Maple center with Poplar wings
Fingerboard - Maple or Rosewood
Neck - Maple
Scale - 25½"
Electronics - Godin humbucker-single-humbucker, tremolo bridge, double 5-way switch, volume & tone controls
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