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  Guitar Elements
Solid Bodies, Wood, Necks and electronics...

Godin Solid Body Guitars
What makes a great sounding solid body guitar? First and foremost, a solid body electric guitar must have a great acoustic sound. Solid body instruments may not produce much in the way of volume of sound. But make no mistake, wood weight and density, type (and quality) of the neck/body attachment, type of bridge and nut material all have an impact on the final sound. If this intrigues you, then the next time you find yourself in a quiet room with some electric guitars, try strumming them—unplugged—while resting your ear against the body of the guitar. This is the sound that the pickups will ultimately amplify. This isn't to suggest that pickups don't impact the sound in any way. Different pickups will definitely color the sound, but there is no question that a set of high quality pickups will not rescue a poor or unresponsive instrument.

Rock Maple
We use rock maple grown in the northeastern part of Canada. The colder climate in this region makes for a shorter growing season, which in turn results in a much denser grade of maple than maple grown in a more temperate climate. Rock maple necks provide a couple of significant advantages; the first being excellent high frequency response and sustain. The second advantage comes from the incredible stability that these necks provide. We use premium grade rock maple in the Velocity, Redline, Detour, Radiator, SD, Exit 22, Freeway Classic and Freeway 4 & 5 models.

Rosewood and Maple Fingerboards
The Passion, Velocity, Radiator, SD, Exit 22 and Freeway models are all available with your choice of maple or Indian rosewood fingerboard. Equipped with a rosewood fingerboard the guitar will produce a focused sound emphasizing the midrange. The maple fingerboard tends to accentuate the top and bottom frequencies with a dip in midrange. In guitar playing terms, the rosewood guitar tends to be the choice of rock players. Rhythm and blues players often prefer maple fingerboards.

Neck Attachment & Pitch
Slight changes in neck angle have a major impact on a guitar's sound. A neck that is angled too far forward—away from the player—will lose some of its high frequency response and become muddy sounding. A neck angled too far back in the other direction will lose its low frequency response and become tinny sounding. The neck attachment is also crucial in terms of neck/body resonance and the transfer of energy between the two. We take this connection very seriously and make sure to spend the time to insure that every Godin guitar features an ideal neck angle and a tight fit in a deep pocket free of any glue or paint.

Synth Access & Tracking
Guitars that include synth-triggering capabilities have been a Godin specialty for several years now. From the classical feel of the Multiac Grand Concert to the sonically powerful LGXT, there is a synth access instrument here for players of all styles. Throughout our web-site you will find synth-ready instruments identified by our little synth access guy. Each of these guitars produces a divided output (called hexaphonic) via a 13-pin connector that plugs directly into RolandTM GR-Series guitar synths.

Tracking is the term used to describe the speed at which an instrument can recognize pitch and trigger the synth. All of the Godin synth access guitars have been designed with synth triggering in mind—as opposed to retrofitting old models—and each one offers exceptionally fast and accurate tracking.

The Godin Ergocut shaping technique bevels the edges of the fingerboard and frets back in towards the center of the fingerboard providing an extremely comfortable feel. All Godin necks include this feature.

LGX Series Guitars
Multi-voice guitars have been a Godin specialty for many years, and the LGX Series guitars represent the pinnacle of the concept. The smooth sound of a mahogany guitar, spectacular figured maple tops, and the seamless integration of the best electronics available make up the basic elements of these guitars. Superbly hand-finished, these instruments are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

In 2002 we underwent a major transformation. Following countless requests the new necks boast a little more girth, and a new shape, which includes our new ergocut shaping technique. The sculpted heel section provides easy access to the top part of the neck and the recessed hardware in the top creates a more natural playing position for your picking hand. The necks of the LGX's are fit into deep neck pockets with industry leading precision. This connection is of crucial importance to the sound of the guitar both in terms of setting the neck at its optimal angle—neck pitch—and insuring a smooth transfer of vibration between neck and body. All this attention to fit and finish results in a guitar that is acoustically responsive and this provides the foundation for extraordinary sonic power.

Electric guitar sounds are powered by two Seymour DuncanTM humbucking pickups - exclusive to the Signature Series guitars. The potential of the humbuckers are fully exploited by using a 5-way switch to create multiple configurations. The bridge of each guitar is equipped with six custom saddle transducers along with an onboard preamp and 3-band graphic equalizer - add incredibly authentic acoustic guitar sounds.


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