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Multiac Steel SA
The innovations at work in the nylon string Multiacs are available in the steel string models as well. Outwardly the Steel and Nylon models look much the same. Inside, it's a much different story. The top of the Steel string Multiac incorporates a modern variation on the classic X-brace. The slim necks and shallow bodies of these guitars make them exceptionally comfortable to play. The two-chamber body design resists feedback and the custom voiced preamps make for great sound in performance with minimal effort.

Mahogany neck
Ebony Fingerboard
16" fingerboard radius
25 1/2" Scale
1 11/16" nut width
Chambered Mahogany body
Solid Spruce Top
Custom RMC electronics with 13-pin connector for direct control of Roland GR Series and Axon AX100 guitar synths
Natural High-Gloss
Resource Center/Extras

"Godin instruments are extremely versatile for acoustic sounds. Godin delivers 1000%. With it's midi compatibility I have access to an entire symphony of sounds. This is the acoustic guitar for the 21st century." - Kirk Hammett


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