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Mario's Interview of the Month with Aaron McLain
Godin Multiac ACS-SA

The ACS bridges the "style" gap by making a classical guitar that is packaged in a way that is comfortable to players who are accustomed to playing electric…and that you can crank!

The ACS produces crisp clear authentic nylon string tones effortlessly. Designed not only to be a superb sounding nylon string, the ACS is made with a special blend of woods that along with the on board electronics makes this guitar one of the fastest tracking synth access guitars available. Definitely a multi talented instrument whether in the studio or live.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Aaron McLain who is presently hard at work on his new solo album, doing sessions, and touring the world with the Marc Anthony Band.


Mario: Hi Aaron, how did you hear about our guitars?
Aaron: Andy Abad who I play with in Marc Anthony's Band turned me on to them. The guitar I had wasn't cutting it, live I stand next to the bass player and having a regular acoustic guitar wasn't working out, it was hard to control the feedback.

M: I saw you guys play in Montreal last year, you were cranked and it sounded great.
A: No feed back at all and we play loud. Our sound engineer loves sound checking the ACS!! It sounds that good.

M: I know you're working on a new solo album, do you use the ACS in studio as well?
A: It's on there for sure. I have also used it on session gigs, and of course I use it live, it's made a big difference, I used to have to play my acoustic while muffling the top as much as possible to prevent the guitar from feeding back. Now I can get as loud as I need and never feed back.

M: How do you record the ACS?
A: Direct, and the onboard EQ is flat. On a fine instrument you don't need to do much. It's a very cool instrument, easy to play- you don't have to fight it.

M: Plus the synth access is truly impressive.
A: Man, truly incredible, like I said it's all there. The possibilities are amazing.

M: You describe your music as Alternative R&B, and you have many influences from Hendrix, to Prince. How did you get into music?
A: I started off teaching myself like many kids do, then I took lessons from Kevin Dukes, he's a great teacher, later on I went to Dick Grove school of music. After that I really got into learning about recording, programming, compression, Eqing and just how things work. I produce and record my own stuff and the ACS is a breeze to record.

M: You have done quite a lot of stuff including playing with Patti Labelle and Terrance Trent D'Arby and now Marc Anthony as well as your own records. What advise can you give young musicians.
A: Be in it for the right reasons. You have to practice and be dedicated. When you do get a chance you have to be ready.

M: That's great advice. How about you? What are your future plans?
A: I wanna keep playing and recording. I look forward to releasing my new cd in a couple of months and keep writing music.

*Mario Biferali is a Product Specialist at Godin Guitars.




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