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Mario's Interview of the Month with Kat Dyson
Godin LGXT

Having just returned from LA where I had the pleasure to hear Kat Dyson with her band Colour Kommentary in a special mini concert that we co-sponsored with Guitar Center Hollywood, I thought she would be the perfect person to interview for our next installment of 'Five Minutes With…

You can bet that you have either seen or heard Kat Dyson whether you know it or not. She has played, recorded, or toured the world with some very impressive artists including Cyndi Lauper, Colin James, Prince and most recently Pink. She has shared the stage with the likes of B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan Mick Taylor, Buddy Guy to mention a few, she not only records music for documentaries and movies but also finds the time to produce other artists and write and release her own material.

She does it all as if it was second nature and she is also a blast to interview, full of life and very passionate.


Mario: Hi Kat, last time I saw you was at a Godin guitar clinic in L.A. and you mentioned you had a lot of stuff going on.
Kat Dyson: I feel fortunate to be involved in really great projects. I just got back from Japan, where I toured with Sheila E and the Fifth Element. That was a blast! We are in the process of recording an album. The band features Sheila E. on drums, Rhonda Smith on bass, Eddie M. on sax, Renato Neto on keys, Lynn Mabry on Vocals and me on guitar. I've also been doing lots of writing and scoring for TV and films, which is something I find really interesting. And just recently I taped a TV special for Fox TV with Pink. I really dug doing that, it was a lot of fun and Pink is a real pro. She likes the live element, that live edge and aggressiveness.

Mario: How do find the time to do all of that simultaneously?
Kat: Music links it all, the need to contribute something, my own songs, or adding to the overall picture of someone else's vision. Music is the glue that binds all of these things together.

Mario: But still there are only 24 hours in a day!
Kat: You have to be committed and work hard, but like I said it's the need to contribute something to the music and the love of it that drives you.

Mario: When did you start playing? And what drove you to pursue it?
Kat: Well all the boys in my neighbor hood played and I said, "If they can do it so can I!"It was really fun, we would play music together, we had our little music books and we would trade and learn stuff from each other. I just continued from there, played at High School dances playing covers from James brown, Led Zep, Hendrix etc…

Mario: What would you say to kids learning how to play today?
Kat: I love kids and when I teach them I have them listen to something that makes them want to play! Find something you love and do it. I used to wait by the radio to hear my favorite tunes and then I would try and learn them by ear. The repetition of that really tunes your ears. I'm always listening to new stuff.

Mario: I have been listening to you Colour Kommentary cd and I just want to say that not only can you play, but you also have an incredible voice.
Kat: Thanks, that was a project released on my own with some good friends, we had a great time. I'm working on new material right now.

Mario: What's the biggest difference between doing a session and working on your own material?
Kat: It's a conversation, when you work with someone else you try and contribute to the overall picture. Just like a conversation where you might say "Yeah! I agree with that, and you know what else…?" You try and compliment and remember the song is king. The song comes first.

Mario: How about solos? Do you stick to the solos on the album or do you keep changing it live?
Kat: A solo is like conversation, I never keep it the same. I'm constantly changing and trying stuff. Obviously some parts are inherently you. When I'm playing with other artists I usually keep it true to the song, all the main themes are there. I am lucky to work with artists who trust me and trust what I do.

Mario: I really enjoyed coming down to L.A. for your Godin guitar clinic, your band was just smoking! You sounded great! How did you get into Godin Guitars?
Kat: I had all kinds of different acoustics and I was looking for a 12 string, something with a certain feel, sound and warmth and that's when the guys at Steve's in Montreal showed me the Seagull S12. Then when I got the gig with Cyndi Lauper I needed a 12 string that was suitable for large concert settings. So I tried the Acousticaster 12 and that was it! She really liked the sound. It's the same versatility that drew me to the Multiac Steel, I used that guitar on Prince's CD Emancipation. The engineer had a great time recording it.

Mario: And obviously your LGXT is always there with you.
Kat: I use the LGXT on lots of sessions. That guitar gets me sessions, actually. I can mix in the acoustic bridge and the synth midi access at will; it really opens up many musical possibilities. It is reliable, accurate and easy to use. No worries, the sky's the limit; that's the LGXT.

Mario: It seems like fun is a must for you to be involved in a project. I think that's great.
Kat: It's got to be fun; music is a celebration with friends. I don't look at it as competition. I have been very fortunate to share the stage with many talented players and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Mario: That's refreshing. I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing you at NAMM this year.
Kat: You bet.

*Mario Biferali is a Product Specialist at Godin Guitars.




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