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  Performance Series
These instruments are solid body guitars and basses crafted to the same exacting standards as our top of the line offerings.
  Core Series
Bare bones and raw, the Core series models are designed to rock!
  Icon Series
The very first Set-Neck guitars in the Godin Guitar line-up have arrived...the Godin ICON series!
  Signature Series
These instruments combine the very best in wood, hardware and electronics together with industry leading craftsmanship.
  Richmond Series
Serious tone for players looking for a vintage vibe backed by meticulous craftsmanship, innovation & modern playability.
  Passion Series
Robert Godin's passion for guitar building and research truly comes alive in these top of the line instruments.
  Multiac Series
The Multiacs are nylon and steel strung acoustic guitars designed to meet the demands of modern performing and recording.
  5th Avenue
The 5th Avenue is the first Godin Arch-top Acoustic designed with the modern player in mind.
Our a-series guitars produce very authentic acoustic sound and feature the dimensions and comfort of solid body electric instruments.

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