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  Godin 13-Pin synth access (SA) guitars and the Roland GR-Series guitar synth units

Connecting the GR-series units
Connect a patch cord from the Mix out on the back of the GR into an amp (mono) or Mixer (stereo). Insert the 13-pin cable from the guitar output into the 13-pin input marked “GK” on the GR. Power up the GR, tune, and you’re ready to go! However here are a few tips to get the optimal performance from the Godin and GR unit.

Using the on-board guitar tuner

Hit the “Tune” button on the GR and simply tune the guitar the same way you would when using a digital tuner. Hit “Play” on the GR when you want to return to the main screen/menu.

Pick-up sensitivity
If the guitar’s output is too hot for the GR it can cause the GR unit to double trigger random notes or octave jump. Properly setting the sensitivity will allow the sounds to track quicker, with better dynamics and greater ease in playing the synth sounds.To adjust the pickup sensitivity simply:
Hit the “System” button on the GR. Using the Bank/Parameter arrows go to Pick-Up SENS (Sensitivity). Push the right arrow twice to get there.You will see two numbers on the screen. For example 1-3.
The first number indicates the guitar string you are setting, the second number is the sensitivity output, which goes from 1-8. The goal is to have each string’s output to be as even as possible.Simply hit the string you are setting and using either the Patch/Value wheel on the GR or the Up/Down buttons on the Godin guitar increase or decrease the sensitivity setting so that each string is even sounding and one string is not louder than another. If you set the sensitivity too high the box on the right side of the screen will become white indicating that the output is too hot.On Godin guitars the strings are resting right on the transducers therefore there is no need to set the sensitivity very high. The usual setting for each string is between 1 and 4. To return to the main screen/menu hit “Play” on the GR.

Adjusting the Play Feel on a GR-Series unit

Another adjustment that can be made to optimize tracking and overall efficiency is the Play Feel setting. This setting takes into consideration the Feel or style of the player. You can choose from Normal, Finger-style, Hard, Soft, Tapping etc…in most cases the default “Normal” setting is perfect. However if you are a hard picker, select the “Hard” setting or “Finger-style” if you don’t use a pick.Hit “Common” on the GR.

Using the Bank/Parameter arrows go to “Play Feel”. Push the right arrow twice to get there.

Using either the Patch/Value wheel on the GR or the Up/Down buttons on the Godin guitar you can select different “Play Feels”. Once you have made your selection hit the “Play” button to return to the made screen/menu and start playing!


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