Godin Guitars in Anaheim...NAMM-TASTIC!!

Come January each year, Godin Guitars prepares itself to head to sunny Anaheim, CA to unleash its new guitars onto the throngs of dealers, magazines and visitors who flock like migrating birds to the Anaheim Convention center for the exciting, 4 day musical circus known as Winter NAMM.

Unveiling the new models and organizing such an event is no small task. But once again the Godin family pulled together for a truly stellar showing at this years NAMM show.

The booth was buzzing with activity and the tremendous response we received from those who visited the room was fantastic... to say the least. From the vintage looks of the new S&P Songsmiths to the plug-in & rip shred-machine known as the Godin Redline 1, room 211A was abound with all kinds of new toys for a variety of steel and nylon string players to drool over.

So scroll down and have a look around. See what was New, Hot and Happening in our showroom at this years Winter NAMM.

Room 211A was full of new sights and sounds such as the New Godin A6 Ultra... a big hit with a bigger sound!

The aggresively styled new headstock found on the ferocious New Godin Redline 1.

Inspired by the Seagull models made for James Blunt, the stunning New Seagull Artist Studio Burst 6 & 12 string models were unveiled at the show to much acclaim.
The New Simon & Patrick Songsmiths with their vintage good looks and incredible value turned alot of heads...

...the S&P Songsmiths were unveiled in dreadnought and folk models.

Simple yet lethal tone! The Godin Redline 1 with black graphite SG finish ...1 humbucker, 1 volume knob, 1 output. A shredders delight!!
As thousands from the industry file through the front doors each day, they are greated to live music which sets the tone for their visit.
Impromptu jam session on a couple of Godin Multiac Grand Concerts.
Some familiar faces on the wall at the Roland booth...Godin LGXT, Multiac Nylon SA and Multiac Steel SA, all of which feature 13-pin capabilites.

Meet the Man at NAMM!
Robert Godin was seen and heard throughout the 4 days giving on-site presentations on the finer aspects of guitar craftmanship.

The Godin LGXT & LGX-SA models are still setting the standard high in the world of 3 voice guitars.
The New Godin A4 & A5 SA basses now with 13-pin output to access a synth or computer. Available in fretted or fretless models.
Coffee Talk with Fred Mollin!
Producer Fred Mollin, longtime friend of the Godin Family, stopped in to say hi to Godin Guitars Mario Biferali and Kat-Calder Becker.
Seagull guitars were well represented on the floor level by British group i94 playing an Artist Portrait CW.
Guitarist Kat Dyson dropped in to say hi to some of her friends in the Godin Family. Pictured are Godin western Canadian rep Kat(hleen) Scollon, Kat Dyson and Godins art director Kat Calder-Becker.
Writer/producer/performer and longtime Godin & Seagull endorsee, Carl Burnett, groovin' on the new Godin A6 Ultra.
The Anaheim Convention Center on clear yet cool morning before the show.....however, things were heating up on the inside as usual.
The NAMM "10 AM Rush" as the show opens on day 3!
The gorgeous Seagull Artist Studio Burst headstock looks out over room 211A.
Steve Stevens, John McLaughlin and Joseph Rojas artist banners look out onto the Art & Lutherie and Simon & Patrick guitars on display in the room.
Robert Godin being filmed and interviewed by Guitar Part Magazine from France.
The new Godin A6 Ultra in its Natural semi-gloss cedar finish. Also available in Black high-gloss and Cognac Burst high-gloss.
Godins Mario Biferali and the legendary Lee Sklar pose for a picture after enjoying the tones of the new A4 SA and A5 SA basses.
Godin endorsing artist Sergio Vallin, from the latin supergroup MANA, is amazed by the Multiac Nylon Fretless SA.
From left to right: Godins Artist Relations Rep Fred Disanto, joined by Sergio Vallin (Guitarist-Mana), Godin Mexican Rep Claude Vincent and Fher Olvera (Singer-Mana).
Seagull endorsee Peppino D'Agostino was among some of the artists who played at the Godin intimate concert area, over the 4 days in room 211A.
Robert Godin, Peppino D'Agostino and Simon Godin stop for a photo before Peppino starts to wow the audience with his playing.
Peppino was enthralled by the new Godin A6 Ultra after playing it for the first time.
Jazz Heavyweight Mordy Ferber takes some time with a Godin Multiac Nylon SA, along with other models over the weekend.
Godin artist Matthew Von Doran brings his amazing jazz infused style to the room, during some of the other Godin intimate concerts featured during NAMM.
Godin endorsee Bobby Gibson, with Robert and a Multiac Grand Concert Duet.
The Godin Multiac guitars were a favorite as always at the show. A world of tone and wonder for nylon and steel string players everywhere. The Multiac Grand Concert SA pictured above, features a 13-pin output for endless tonal possibilities...not to mention an incredible nylon string sound.
Getting ready for their 100th issue, our friends from Performing Songwriter Magazine stopped by to say Hi and have a look at some new gear! From left to right: Merlin David, Godins Kat Calder-Becker & Rich Bunze, Lydia Hutchinson, Caroline Davis and Dave Jones.
A leader in the world of tone & synth access, the Godin LGXT stands proud as it's about to be used to demonstrate new gear in a clinic at the Roland booth.

Extreme Close-up!
The new Godin A6 Ultra electro-acoustic with its custom electronics and Godin Humbucker, amazed our visitors at the show this year!

The talented guitarist/singer/songwriter Keaton Simons, was thrilled with the Multiac Nylon Fretless SA at his performance on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus stage.

Godins Rich Bunze, Simon Godin, Kat Calder-Becker and Fred Disanto head out for a little R&R at the Hilton after the show.
Cheers to another great winter NAMM and see you all next time!

ye for now!
The Godin Guitar Family