This year, as in the past, we were graced by the presence of so much talent in the number of Artists who came to the room. Guitarists, Singer/songwriters, producers, band leaders...all of whom spanned a large variety of musical genres came to check out what was new and hot at Godin Guitars.

Simon Godin poses with Seagull artist Danielle McKee during her visit to the Godin Showroom to see what's new!

Country artist Kelly McDonald and Godin Artist Relations Representative Fred DiSanto. Kelly's main axe is a Godin A6.

Mexico's Metal Queen Ross Alvarez came by to check out the new Godin Redline1 guitars.
Godin's Mario Biferali shows the New Passion RG-3 to Dory Lobel, guitarist for the Backstreet Boys. The RG-3 is a true work of art designed for the Single-coil obsessed!!.
Patrick Godin and Jazz heavyweight Mordy Ferber with the new Godin 5th Avenue Archtop acoustic.
Canadian guitarist/producer Brian Hughes and Fred DiSanto. Along with his own solo material, Brian has also been working with singer/songwriter Loreena Mckennitt for the past 15 years.
Guitarist/writer/producer/performer (a man of many talents), Carl Burnett with Fred and the Godin Passion RG-3 check out its gorgeous flame maple top.
Seagull artist Peppino D'Agostino and Godin South American Sales Representative Claude Vincent discuss the finer points of being at the NAMM show.
Peppino D'Agostino is also a longtime friend and endorsee of the Godin Family. He takes some time to catch up with Godin Art Director Kat Calder-Becker.
Fred DiSanto, Robert Godin and Mario Biferali with respected session player Frank Romano and the 5th Avenue. Hear Frank on tunes by Justin Timberlake, P-Diddy, J-Lo, Rob Thomas, Mary J.Blige...the list goes on & on....
Legendary jazz guitarist Joe Beck grooves on the Godin 5th Avenue.
Pictured with the new Multiac Grand Concert Aura is guitarist Juan Carlos Quintero, along with Robert Godin and Pasquale Cristiano.
Jazz guitarist and Godin endorsee Matthew Van Doran with Godin's Richard Bunze.
Godin's Fred Disanto with multi-talented Italian musician/producer, Corrado Rustici.
Corrado was amazed, as many at the show were, by the new Godin 5th Avenue.
The Godin crew with Sheila E., Kat Dyson and Corrado Rustici.
From left to right: Sheila E., Pat Godin, Kat Dyson, Fred DiSanto and Corrado Rustici.
Join in on the Artist's Circle with Sheila E., Kat Dyson and Corrado Rustici...Good times!
The towering Ernie Jackson with Robert Godin and Ernie's new Godin Velocity.
Godin's Mario Biferali with Producer Fred Mollin and the new Passion RG-3 flame maple.
Godin's Pat Godin and Fred DiSanto with hard rockin' Ross Alvarez.
"One of these things is not like the others!" Our man Fred is the odd man out, pictured between artists Nandy & Mandy McClean.
Pat Godin and Sheila E. pose for one last shot.
Guitarist for the Backstreet Boys, Dory Lobel explains to Robert Godin why he digs the new Passion RG-3.
Peppino D'Agostino stops for a picture with Pat Godin before he heads out for his performance at the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.
Pop-rock Artist Danielle McKee stops by with producer Fred Mollin for a chat with Godin's Mario Biferali.

Guitarist from the band ill Nino, Diego Verduzco and Fred DiSanto with the Multiac ACS Nylon SA.

Session musician Ed Supple and Robert Godin with the fretless A11 Glissentar eleven string guitar.

Jazz Heavyweight Mordy Ferber takes some time with a Godin 5th Avenue.

Fred with renowned jazz guitarist Lionel Loueke before his performance with Herbie Hancock.

Guitarist Eric MacFadden kept popping into the room to play the new Godin 5th Avenue. The vintage tone and look suits him perfectly.

Fred, Eric and the Godin 5th Avenue!

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