As usual, Godin Guitars had a great team working together to make things run smoothly and succefully during the show. After the circus let out each day, the Godin Guitar staff liked to unwind together, share some laughs, dinner and the occasional beverage. Not to mention long walks on the beach. Sometimes you just have to step back from the whirlwind of commotion and realize what great people you work with and at the end of the day, if you can play together...all the better.

On our final day after tear down, the remaining Godin crew took a road trip to Newport beach...ya like our Ride?

It was a rainy afternoon but scenic nonetheless.

Under the Boardwalk! Patrick Godin and Guillaume DaSylva find a dry spot.
This one is called: "Fred, a picture within a picture"

Pat sampling some of the local cuisine again...

...after his snack Pat decides to wait for the tide to come in...Ahoy Mate!!

Ben Slater from Active Music in the U.K. shows us...Shake & Play!
Fun for the whole not included.

The Annual Godin NAMM supper!
Good times as always!
The eagle has landed! Post arrival drink and bite to eat, after our arrival to sunny Anaheim CA! Godin's Richard Bunze, Paul Carter, Pasquale Cristiano and Franco Contrino enjoy the warm air in January.
Pat, Fred, Robert, Guillaume and Rich at Newport Beach on the final day.
Simon and Fred after discovering what Secret Victoria is not telling us... hmm?
Ok... somebody stop these two Shopaholics!
WOW! The whole Godin Team outside the hotel in Anaheim. A rare but wonderful shot!
Robert Godin and Fred Theriault from Long & McQuade.
Pat Godin and Mario Biferali are all smiles at dinner...they just finished the Godin Showroom set up!
Picture time back at the hotel after Fred and Simon cleaned out the stores in the area!
That's one big machine in Newport beach.
Guillaume and Pat capturing the sights of Newport Beach.
It was a cool and rainy day in Newport beach as the Godin crew decides to take some cover under a local garage awning. Well, still better than the cold and blowing snow back home!
Rich, Fred, Franco and Pasquale pose for the Annual downtown Disney photo op...brought to you by the letter "A".
They're everywhere! Must be the weather in California...cuz these wouldn't survive back home. brrrrr.
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