Godin Guitars @ 2011 Winter NAMM

Guitars, Guitars, Guitars and more Guitars!! It's a beautiful thing!

Come January each year, Godin Guitars prepares itself to head to sunny Anaheim, CA to unleash its new guitars onto the throngs of dealers, magazines and visitors who flock to the Anaheim Convention center for the exciting, 4 day musical circus known as Winter NAMM.

Unveiling the new models and organizing such an event is no small task and takes months of preperation. But once again the Godin family pulled together for a truly stellar showing at this years NAMM show. The booth was buzzing with activity and the tremendous response we received from those who visited the room was fantastic... to say the least. From the amazing new MultiOud to the smooth tones of the new Godin 5th Avenue Jazz, to the retro/vintage stylings of the new Richmond Empire models, to the new Godin Redline Nemesis, room 211A was abound with all kinds of new toys for a variety of steel and nylon string players to drool over.

So scroll down and have a look around. See what was New, Hot and Happening in our showroom at this years Winter NAMM.


Godin Showroom 211A before several days before the show.

Set-up time. Simon Godin climbs the truss system to install the lights. Let the fun begin!

Guitar racks and banners are in place.

Godin's Fred DiSanto and Pat Godin busy assemling the rooms light canisters.

Almost there guys! Time to unpack all the new guitars!

Godin's Kat Calder-Becker happily ready to seal up one of the crates

Fred DiSanto and Simon Godin closing the lid on another crate and now onto the big show!

Head guitar designer Daniel Fiocco getting the new Godin MultiOud ready for its big debut.

Cleaning house and tuning guitars are priorities b4 opening day in the Godin showroom...

...and everyone pitches in to make sure things are in tip-top shape for when those doors open.

Godin's Franco Contrino caught in the act and tuning-up a Godin Multiac Grand Concert Nylon Duet Ambiance.

Godin's Richard Bunze with a Richmond Dorchester in-handready for tuning.

Wednesday before the show is our general sales meeting with staff and North-American Sales Reps.

Godin's Sales Manager Mario Biferali goes conducts the meeting and goes over all the exciting new Godin Products for 2011.

Welcome to the Anaheim Convention Center and Winter NAMM 2011!

The front lobby of the Anaheim Convention Center where a main stage is located for many of the shows during the 4-day event.

Simon & Patrick Woodland Pro Parlor Burst and Folk Burst (with slotted headstock) are new additions to the S&P line-up.

The renowed Godin Multiac series and A-series instruments. Electro-acoustics for the modern day musician! Made to be played in a live band setting without feedback. Featuring the new Multiac Encore Nylon and MultiOud.

The Godin Session, Progression, new Progression Boutique USB and award winning Shifter basses, now available a in 5-string version.

The Godin Icon series features four models that will bring the house down:
Type 2 Classic, Type 2 Fat Black, Type 2 Convertible and Type 3.

From left to right: The Godin Icon Type 2 Fat Black, Type 2 Classic and Type 2 Convertible featuring Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups.

Premier Guitar Magazine "Premier Gear Award" to the Godin Icon Type 3 featuring 3 Lollar P90 pickups custom matched for the Type 3 by Jason Lollar.
Seagull Entourage Rustic CW EQ The New Seagull Entourage Rustic CW GT EQ features a custom polished Gloss Top (GT). The new Seagull Entourage CW GT EQ models available in both Burgundy and Rustic burst finishes.
Godin's Franco Contrino strikes a pose with an A&L CW EQ. The newest models in the Norman acoustic guitar line include the stunning B50 Flame Maple and the ST40 Cedar Folk with slotted headstock. The New S&P Woodland Pro Folk Sunburst and Parlor Sunburst. The folk features a slotted headstock and butter-bean tuning machines.
The new Godin MultiOud 11-string, putting Oud players the world over steps ahead of past instruments with onboard electronics and custom tuning machines.
The Godin MultiOud Nylon Natural HG
The Godin MultiOud Steel CognacBurst HG
Guitarist Ernie Jackson tries out the Godin MultiOud Nylon String Godin's Fred DiSanto trying out the Godin MultiOud Steel string Robert Godin gives Premier Guitar Magazine an in-depth look into some of the new gear, including the MultiOud.
The new Godin Multiac Encore Nylon The Multiac Encore Nylon features a dual source system with custom preamp for a rich full sound. It's also the most affordable Multiac to date. Simon Godin with the Godin A5 Ultra SA Fretless bass.
The New Godin Icon Type 2 Classic The entire Godin Icon Series making its Winter NAMM Show debut Godin is also the North American distributor for Italian made SR Technology amplifiers and showcased the new JAM 100 acoustic amp along with the Bass Fidelity 10 amp.
The menacing new Godin Redline Nemesis with EMG active humbuckers and 24 fret neck The award winning Godin Shifter basses now available in a 5-string version and with a black finish Bass Gear magazine's "Best of Show Award" goes to the Shifter Bass for 2010 Winter NAMM
Premier Guitar magazine editors Rebecca Dirks and Chris Kies with Robert Godin and the new Godin 5th Avenue Jazz

The Godin 5th Avenue series of archtop guitars features the new 5th Avenue Jazz with mini humbucker, ebony fingerboard and high-gloss finish. Available in Piano Black HG or Flame Maple HG.

This Godin 5th Avenue is a unique piece of art, hand painted for us by musician Joseph Arthur. Joseph, a Godin and Richmond player, is also a talented artist and custom painted several 5th Avenue models for us. Each are individual works of art.
Richmond Guitars Canada are the newest brand in the Godin family of guitars and some of the coolest! The new Richmond Empire models made their NAMM show debut as well, including the new Empire Mahogany HG . The Richmond Dorchester Cream with Bigsby tremolo. All Richmond guitars are made in Richmond Quebec Canada.

Godin's Mario Biferali at the Premier Guitar Magazine's booth, with a Godin Freeway SA on display signed by John McLaughlin for contest giveaway.

Godin player Juan Carlos Quintero jams on the new 5th Avenue Jazz with Piano black finish.

Guitarist Dory Lobel tastefully test driving the Richmond Dorchester Bigsby

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook is presented with his own new Godin Redline Nemesis guitar!

Another impromptu jam in showroom 211A. This time with guitarist David Maldonado (with Multiac Encore), drummer Frankie Banali and bassist Chuck Wright (with A4 Ultra bass)

Godin's Mario Biferali and Fred DiSanto with bassist Erben Perez and guitarist Mario Guini from the Marc Anthony band.

From left to right: Godin's Richard Bunze, Mario Biferali, bassist Ron Lutrick, guitarist & super-picker Johnny Hiland and Franco Contrino.

Motown guitar legend Leroy Emmanuel (2nd from left) dropped in to say hi and check out the new Godin 5th Avenue Jazz. Leroy played with some of motown's greats such as his playing on Marvin Gaye's "Lets get it on."
Day 1 before the show! The Godin gang gets ready to head to the convention center. Godin's Japanese distributor Jes Saito with Kat Calder-Becker. Robert Godin with John McLaughlin bassist Etienne M'Bappe.
Godin artist and clinician Benjamin Woods brings his style of Flamenco infused with metal (Flametal) to the Godin showroom once again! Bassist Ron Lutrick and the amazing Johnny Hiland jam & tear things up during the show! Guitarist Carl Burnett (right) and friends stop in for a visit.
Mario Biferali with guitarist Juan-Carlos Quintero and the new Godin 5th Avenue Jazz Flame Maple HG From left to right: David Maldonado, Fred DiSanto, Chuck Wright and Frankie Banali. Godin's Mario Biferali with award winning producer Fred Mollin with the S&P Woodland Pro Folk Sunburst HG.
Mario Biferali with longtime Godin player Kat Dyson and the S&P Woodland Pro Parlor Sunburst HG. Godin's Richard Bunze going over the new MultiOud with Premier Guitar Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Shawn Hammond. Robert Godin and Mario Biferali with Producer Fred Mollin and wife Jamie on Shifter bass.
Major League Baseball star and accomplished musician, Bernie Williams, loves his Godin Multiac Nylon guitars! Mario Biferali with Terry Ilous from XYZ with Multiac ACS SA Slim. Godin's Fred DiSanto with guitarist Ernie Jackson and the MultiOud.
Robert Godin with Seagull guitar virtuoso Peppino D'Agostino. Richard Bunze with Richmond player Steve Mazur from Our Lady Peace, trying out the Icon Type 2 Convertible. Mario Biferali poses with rocker and Godin 5th Avenue player Eric McFadden.

Post Namm tear down R&R at the IN-N-OUT Burger with Simon Godin and Kat Calder-Becker

"So, what r you guys having?" says Simon.

The final night before heading home...another NAMM show success!

See you all next year in sunny California!Cheers!